TweetThe importance of a good breakfast cannot be overstated. What you eat in the morning is the fuel you put in your body to get you through the day. It provides energy, vitamins, protein, and other nutrients that you need to keep you going all day long.  It is important to understand what defines a […]

TweetI was sent an interesting article last week that I thought I would share. The last point at the end about Theta Healing is what caught my attention. It seems to be catching on at quite a rapid pace. Something worth checking out. New Year’s is not too far away. Undoubtedly, as we see every […]

Easy Egg Burrito

by Kevn Cashman

in Diet

TweetHere is a great breakfast idea you can make in under 20 minutes. It’s healthy and won’t break the bank. Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes Serves: 4 Costs: $5 Ingredients: 4 10″ tortillas 8 eggs 8 teaspoons water 4 teaspoons butter Toppings of choice (shredded cheese, olives, tomatoes, chopped peppers, onions, etc.) […]