TweetI got a few questions after my last article about Trenbolone. One of the questions was about where do I recommend buying Trenbolone from. You can find plenty of sites online selling it. I would try to find a reputable dealer and not just buy from the first site you come across. This site sells […]

TweetI do get frequently asked about supplement usage in workouts, including steroids. I have used steroids in the past, mostly to recover from injury, and so I do have some experience with them. As a fitness instructor, I have also done a lot of research on the topic. The one that I get asked about […]

TweetRecently I was searching for a decent app for my Android (Samsung Galaxy S3 all the way) that would replace my pen and paper at the gym when I’m working out. I wanted something where I could track my weight and reps for each exercise I do. I found a few and none really seemed […]