P90X vs. P90X2

by Kevn Cashman

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I recently completed P90X for the second time. If you are looking for a way to get yourself into the best shape of your life, I cannot recommend P90X enough. Depending on your current fitness level, the first week or two will feel rough, but after that you will be amazed at how fast you are seeing results. Like many people who have been through the program I was wondering what the differences between P90X and P90X2 were, and if P90X2 was something I should try. I found this article comparing the two programs and thought others who had the same question might benefit from it.

The original article can be found on Coach Crystal’s Padawan.

A lot of people ask me the difference between P90X and P90X2.  I thought I would give you a run down of the differences I have noted:

– P90X2 is a continuation of p90x. While you don’t have to complete p90x first, it is recommended;

– while p90x is designed to make you lose weight and your muscles grow, P90X2 does those things, but its focus is to make you more athletic;

-P90X2′s yoga workout is only an hour instead of p90x’s 90 minutes;

– P90X2 has three phases, the first is foundation (i.e. core work), the second is strength, and the third is P.A.P.  P90X2′s strength phase is very similar to p90x;

– P90X2 gives you more control over the schedule, allowing you to move to the next phase when you feel your body is ready (it provides recommended ranges for when to move on);

Both programs are still based on the concept of muscle confusion. The theory is that as muscles get used to a workout, they adapt to make the workout less difficult causing plateaus.  Muscle confusion results when you change your workout before you reach such plateaus. While there are certainly detractors, and muscles (other than your mind) can’t actually be confused. They do adapt.  The p90x and P90X2 routines change the workouts before this adaptation can occur.

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