Ways of Preventing Hearing Loss

by Kevn Cashman

in Your Health

As people grow older, they experience hearing loss or what is referred to as presbycusis. However, there are other causes of hearing loss. These include chronic exposure to very loud noises and hereditary factors. Earwax blockage can also lead to the loss of hearing. While it is not possible to reverse hearing loss, there are ways of preventing it.

The way of preventing hearing loss is protecting your ears in the work place. This is especially true for individuals who work with loud machines. It is advisable that you wear specially designed earmuffs. The muffs are akin to ear phones. They protect your ears by lowering sounds/noise to an acceptable level. You can also wear pre-formed, custom molded or foam earplugs. These are usually made from rubber or plastic and can help prevent loud noise from damaging your ears.

A lot of people do not realize that they have a hearing problem until it is too late. It is advisable to have your ears tested every once in a while. This is especially necessary for those who work in factories and other noisy environments. The benefit of regular testing is that it can help detect hearing loss early. Only a doctor may be able to objectively measure changes in sensitivity. Subsequently, steps may be taken to prevent further loss of hearing.

Yet another way of preventing hearing loss is avoiding what can be referred to as recreational risks. Such activities as listening to loud music on your ear phones for extended periods of time, hunting and riding snow mobiles are known to cause hearing problems. The best way to protect your ears is taking breaks from the noise and wearing protectors. It is also important to turn down the volume of the music when using earphones. If you really cannot do without your music then it is advisable that you invest in noise cancelling or sound isolating headphones.

You should also pay attention to your genes. If you did not already know, your family is by far the best indicator of genetic hearing loss. If you have to shout for your grandfather to hear you, there is a very good chance that you are also headed down that road. Accordingly, you should strive to protect your ears even more.

Wearing earmuffs, regular checkups, using sound isolating headphones and paying close attention to your genes. These are some of the ways of preventing hearing loss.

If you are dealing with hearing loss, you may want to consider one of the many options in affordable hearing aids that are available to you.

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